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Formulas and Conversions for Water Main Design


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Original Loan (Monthly Payments)

New Loan

Current Principal no commas please New Principle( including closing costs) no commas please
Current Interest Rate e.g. 4.25 Annual Interest Rate: e.g. 4.25 (will be divided by 12)
Current Escrow New Loan Length: Months
Current Total Payment(including Escrow) Assumes Escrow if in original loan and entered on the left
Remaining Payments at Current Total Payment New Total Monthly Payment including escrow
Additional Payment   Additional Payment
New Number of Payments   New Number of Payments
Savings from Additional Payments Savings from Additional Payments
Total to Pay Remaining (Payment & Interest less Escrow)(OriginalLoan)
Total to Pay Remaining with Extra Payment (Payment & Interest less Escrow)(Original Loan)
Total to Pay(Payment & Interest less Escrow)(New Loan)
Total to Pay with Extra Payment(Payment & Interest less Escrow)(New Loan)
Savings New Loan Total vs Current Loan Total(less Escrow)
Savings New Loan Total less Current LoanTotal with Extra Paymentl(less Escrow)