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Formulas and Conversions for Water Main Design

This calculator is to find the losses in a pipe. It uses the length, C factor, and diameter to find the friciton of headloss in feet.


Find Headloss in Pipe

Enter a Flow through Pipe System in Gallons per Minute:

Enter a Diameter in Inches:

Enter a Length in Feet:

Enter a Coefficient of Friction as C:

Click this button to calculate the V in feet per second:

Headloss in ft:

Conversion between CFM to GPM = 7.481

Conversion between Liters/min to GPM = 0.2642

Conversion between GPD to GPM = 0.0006944


Conversion between meters and feet = 3.2808

Conversion between inches and feet = 12

Conversion between mm to inches = 0.03937


C of PVC = 120

C of DI = 100